How to use People Analytics to customise your engagement?

Let’s be blunt! Nobody works really with analytics. Nobody thinks about analytics when he or she feels about finding new ways to improve his or her social media presence.
We wrote a piece of content on the benefits and the analytics you can have access to with Facebook Insights. We think it is not enough though and we want to write more on it.

People Analytics seems to be a topic which is under the ownership of HR right now. You just need to look on Google or Twitter search by yourself. So why focusing on social people analytics for digital marketers?

Why making it the centre value of our product?

When you build a product and a startup, you can either try to fight on the same ground as other or try to explore new roads. We decided on taking the ladder. We want to create a new product which digital marketers will use to deliver value.

The second reason is quite simple. Facebook is changing the rules of NewsFeed again. The focus will be on the news and posts which bring interaction and exchange between followers and users. The algorithm will downgrade content which pushes people to engage in a shallow way or bait clicking.

Moreover, while digital marketers find new ideas to post content which respects and go along with those rules, we believe social people analytics can help them create content better suited and more engaging.

Why Social People Analytics?

I use people analytics in my job as a product manager, and I need to understand three simple things:

  1. Who are the people using my product?
  2. What are their behaviour, their interests?
  3. What type of interaction I have with them and what are they saying?

These three questions help me understand way more the people using our product. Furthermore, it is the foundation of my thoughts to make the product evolve and attract more people to use it.

As digital marketers, the concerns and goals are the same. You want to attract more people to your page because you want to convert them.

Product managers and digital marketers have the same mission: create value which fits people purpose and fulfils their needs. tweet this

So why do we need people analytics? We need it because there are only two ways to achieve our goals:

  • We trust our guts, and we try things. It is an error-trying process. It uses hypothesis, assumptions or pure luck. Although, even if it is the simplest way to follow, we cannot be sure of the result, and we do not know how success happened.
  • We use people analytics, and we gather the data we need the smartest way we can. We explore that data to find patterns to build a strategy to reach our objectives. We create opportunities based on metrics.

I hope you are now convinced as I am that people analytics are useful for our work as digital marketers. The question is how to gather them?

How to collect social people analytics

There is always the old-fashioned way to gather that data. It means meeting with your followers, interviewing them and collecting as much information as you can. You can also pick that data directly on your page and analyse each post, one by one. It can take a long time to do so, and it will require much energy especially if your followers are in multiple cities and countries.

You can use a tool such as ReponseIO.
Full disclaimer we did not finish our product yet, but we build a platform which can be linked to your Facebook pages and gather automatically all the people who interacted with you.

ReponseIO gathers every name, every interaction, mention, like, comments, shares and conversations you had with those persons. Moreover, you can see it all on one screen.

ReponseIO gathers every name, every interaction, mention, like, comments, shares and conversations.

You can also find another platform which helps you gather this information. Depending on your size you need to find the right option. Most of the platforms which are used to schedule posts focus on post and activity analytics and not necessarily on people analytics.

How to use people analytics for digital marketing purposes?

It is accessible from there. Since you can view each profile and see when people interacted with you and on what, you can now start to analyse data and find the patterns we were talking earlier.
There are two ways to use that data.

Create new content

In a first time, you can review the content you have been creating and use the data to find ideas to create new content with new targets and objectives. People analytics gives you a new dimension, new lenses to use to look at your content’s success. The analytics will not give you any answers, and it will not break or prevent you from being creative. It will just focus your thinking and your imagination process in a certain way. You can use your findings to explore new groups of people to target, to create topics of discussion targeted to a specific subsidiary of your fanbase.

At ReponseIO, we noticed that some people were reacting when we were posting news on social media changes and putting our own opinion on top of it. We will continue to apply it and measure its success. We have another strategy that we want to follow, and we are going to use for Instagram and Facebook.

Originally published at on February 19, 2018.

Product manager based in London. Cook, writer, into fitness, health, personal growth, coffee and whisky. Love sharing and trying to have an impact around me.

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