PMHQ Q&A Leadership, Growth and Mindset for Product Managers

Phil Araujo - The Product Hero
1 min readJul 7, 2022

Product management is a rewarding job. Your days will be different, and you will be able to meet people and hear unique stories.

With great reward comes significant responsibilities.

One of them is you have to deal with many different characters.

The product’s vision is your responsibility, and you have to bring everyone with you as a leader.

It is essential to spend some time developing and cultivating a growth mindset.

In this Q&A with PMHQ, I had the pleasure to talk with Hend and discuss what it means for me to be a leader and have a growth mindset in product management.

I apply those teaching in my own life to grow and reach happiness.

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Phil Araujo - The Product Hero

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